2016 ASET Symposium: 

About the Presentation:  Present and imminent threats to our Scope of Practice abound.  Neurodiagnostic professionals have lost jobs to non-credentialed and inexperienced replacements as hospitals and clinics struggle to cut cost.  Without a license to protect our Scope of Practice, others will take ownership of duties traditionally performed by neurodiagnostic professionals. Having a license specific to neurodiagnostic technology is the only way to protect our jobs and ensure quality testing for our patients.  To protect our Scope of Practice and the patients we serve, we need to come together to support legislation requiring a professional license to perform neurodiagnostic procedures.

Presented by: 

Scott Blodgett, R. EEG T., RPSGT, RST, FASET, MBA

Marie Hamid, R. EEG T.,

Kathryn Hansen, R. EEG T, CPC, CPMA, BS

Craig Schweitzer, CNIM