If you are participating in the live webinar: The link will be provided for you within this course. There is an instructional video and more information within the course to help you understand the features of the live webinar using Adobe Connect Pro. You will log onto the webinar as a guest, and type in your full name. Once inside you can download handout materials or you may download them from this site. If there are several participants watching the live event from one location, then you will need to download and fill out the roster provided and submit it with the required information and a check for $5 processing fee for the additional participants, not registered for the live event. Participants registering for the webinar after the live broadcast will watch the lectures as they were recorded and take an online quiz to earn the CEUs (ASET ACE credits). One ACE credit is give for each hour of lecture, so for the average webinar event 1 ACE credit is given and for longer webinars, additional credits are given depending on the length of the webinar.

If this is your first webinar, review the instructions carefully. You will need the current version of Flash, and there is an Adobe Connect Pro "Plug in" you will download the first time you log on.