Course description:
This is a 28 lesson course, and 20 ACE credits are awarded for successful completion of the course. The lessons consist of reading materials and discussion questions. There will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of the course. You will have a course project that will be submitted in first draft, revised, and submitted in final format for grading the last lesson along with your final exam.

Course goals:
This course is to provide instruction to the neuromonitoring professional about the connections between their professional practices, legal responsibilities to the patient, and to the rest of the surgical team and their possible liability should policy and procedures not be followed or the risk of legal liability should policy and procedures not be put into place. An overview of the legal system, and how it differs from the medical system as well as an overview of litigation procedures including depositions, witness testimony and professional liability insurance are addressed. The course helps to prepare the IONM professional for the possibility of being involved in litigation and the every day practices that can minimize complications and liability should litigation take place. In short this course prepares neuromonitoring personnel for the possibility of being sued and teaches them to rethink their practices with an eye for making sure they have done all they can to protect themselves in such a situation.

This course is essential for IONM professionals. Beginning students of IONM, as well as seasoned professionals, benefit from the topics discussed and the process of organizing a Policy and Procedure Manual. During the last three assignments of the course, the participants will work as a team with the help of Dr York, to prepare a set of Policies and Procedures for their IONM team. A general template for an END Lab P&P Manual is included in the course.

This course will prepare the neuromonitoring professional for the responsibilities involved in communication with OR staff and surgeons, documentation of IONM records, legal and ethical issues that arise in neuromonitoring, and in the operating room in general. The course includes detailed instructions for producing a Policy and Procedure Manual for the IONM team/department. A guest lecture by Jeff Balzer, PhD, on the development of an IONM Policy and Procedure Manual is included. This course includes issues that may result in litigation, how these issues develop, and how they are pursued in court, including depositions and testifying (if this should arise). Case study examples of medical-legal problems and court cases are presented. Faculty: Don York, PhD, with guest lecture by Jeff Balzer, PhD.

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