Course Goal

This course is intended to help the learner prepare to take the credentialing exam (successful completion of this course does not guarantee the learner will pass the credentialing exam). Extensive study is required to prepare for the ABRET EEG Registry Exam, and the learner should set aside several hours a week for six months to one year to adequately prepare for the exam. The questions (500 study questions with the answer sheet and 1500+ in a database for practice exams) and review material (20 handouts) included in this courses will help guide the learner in the appropriate areas of study, and the questions in this review fall under the general topic outline of subjects covered in the credentialing exam. Passing the credentialing exam requires the development of a knowledge base of EEG Technology as well as the development of critical thinking skills and pattern recognition skills. A credentialed supervisor, tutor, or mentor can help greatly in the preparation of a technologist for credentialing exams, and such a person, or a ACNS certified electroencephalographer should be sought and their help enlisted if at all possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchase of this course is for a limited period. The course begins a one year timer when the purchase is processed.

It contains over 1500 review questions and 3 phases of interactive practice exams, which allows the learner to simulate a timed 250-questions exam in preparation for taking the credentialing exam. Also included are study aids and guides to help study and prepare for the credentialing exam. From the time of the first log on, the participants will have 365 days of access to the questions. Study material is in the form of PDF downloads which can be printed or kept on a computer desktop for study. No credit is given since there is no final grade and no new material is introduced. This is a board preparation review tool, and practice exam and should be used as a self awareness tool to help the learner define weaknesses in understanding. During the practice exam, the learner should make note of the questions that are difficult or challenging, and use this information to focus his or her study in preparation for the board exam.

Information about the Practice Exams

You may take these exams multiple times for one year. Use this exam to help you determine the areas you should focus your study. After taking the exam a few times, you will begin to see what areas you need to concentrate your study. Phase 1 and 2 exams will show you the correct answers but Phase 3 uses final exam questions from the EEG courses so for obvious reasons the answers are not given at the end but your can re-open the graded exam and see which answers are incorrect and research the topic for the correct answer.


As you take the exam, save the pages so if there is any problem with your Internet connection you will not lose your answered questions. When you have completed the exam, you will click the button that says "submit all and finish" and the exam will re-open for you to review and make note of any missed answers. When you are finished reviewing the graded exam, scroll back to the top of the exam's first page and click the button that says "Finished Review". Once you exit the review, the option to re-open and re-take the exam will appear at the bottom of the page showing all your scores of previous attempts. Previous attempts can be re-opened for review by clicking on the number of the score.

Be sure to use the "Firefox"
browser to take the exam. Exam functions with other browsers are not reliable.