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Important! Be sure to use Firefox as your browser. Firefox is the browser that is supported by the Learning Management System. Also you will need QuickTime Player to view movies.  QuickTime player is included in most new computers but if you have issues with the movies, click here to download QuickTime Player Click here to get Firefox
How to access the ASET Salary Survey:

Go to www.aset.org and log in if you are a member.  If you are not a member you can still participate in the survey.  Then go to the home page and click the word “shop” in the upper right corner above the 3 pictures.  In the shopping cart you will find the salary survey, add it to your cart (Don’t worry it is free to members and non-members) and then proceed through the registration process.   Your name will only appear on the registration for the survey and will not be linked to your answers.  The survey is set up to be anonymous.  There is no way for your name to be linked to your answers even by the administrator of the survey.  You will receive 2 emails, one with a “receipt” showing your enrollment has been processed and sent to the eLearning portal site, and the second will come later saying that you are enrolled and can access the salary survey with a username/password.  Let me know if you have any questions or problems.  ~ Maureen
Once you are logged in, you can click the "Find Courses" tab at the top of the page to open the drop down menu, then click "Courses".  This will open the Course Category page.  Click the category that corresponds with your course and then click the title of the course to open it.   If the system asks for an enrollment key, you will need to clear your browser history and try again.
Under "Navigation" you can see a list of your courses, and can make edits to your profile using the links  provided. Under the "Edit profile" tab you can upload an optional picture of yourself to appear next to your name when logged in. Keeping your username and password the same as the username and password for the ASET website will make things simpler. Please update your profile should your email, phone, or address change.  Once issued, your username must stay the same in the eLearning portal, to insure your records of credits are accurate.  If you change your ASET membership password, when you next purchase an online course, your updated password will be sent over to the eLearning portal with your purchase information.

Online Courses taken for ASET-CEU credits for re-certification can be taken only once for credit.

Attention Neurofeedback Professionals: BCIA has approved EEG Courses 101, 102, 105, 106 A&B, 108, 109, 110 and 111 for continuing education for recertification.

Attention Sleep Technologists: EEG 101-111 have been approved by the BRPT for recertification credits for RPSGT's.

If you have questions email Maureen at: maureen@aset.org or call (610) 604-7435

ASET-CEU Credits, Certificates,  Transcripts and Student Ethics

Many participants are preparing their paperwork for ABRET to apply for credential recertification or to apply under the new pathways to take the ABRET exams.

The ASET eLearning Portal and the ASET Membership website are two separate websites with two different databases. Your records of seated conferences and seminars will appear in the ASET-CEU Transcript on the membership site.
The eLearning portal has its own record keeping system and an instantly generated Certificate of Completion is available to you, as soon as you pass the course, quiz or webinar exam. Remember that this certificate is a "Pop Up" so you will need to turn off your pop up blocker to access it. Once you access it, it may be printed or saved as a PDF. There is a unique verification number on each certificate validating it. There is a certificate at the end of every activity in the ASET eLearning portal, except some of the free items. ABRET will accept a copy of this certificate from the eLearning portal, or your ASET-CEU transcript or any combination of both. If you have your certificate, you have all the proof you need that you have completed the online course, quiz or webinar and earned the credits. When you complete the course you have earned the credits and the eLearning portal maintains the record.  Be sure to print and save your certificate.

For your convenience we download the online education credits and after manually matching up the account usernames, we are able to upload them so they appear in your ASET-CEU transcript on the membership website. This is not an automated or immediate process. If your online education credits do not appear immediately in the membership website ACE transcript, it only means the report containing your most recent credits has not been sent over to the other site, as yet. Awarding of credits is not contingent upon their appearance in the membership website transcript. If you have your online course, webinar or quiz certificate, you have all you need for ABRET. We ae working on a similar printable transcript for credits in the eLearning portal that will be available in the near future.

The new version of our Learning Management System does not display certificates until the requirements are completed.  So if you do not see your certificate at the end of your quiz or course, check the requirements and see of everything is submitted. 


A strong sense of ethics is essential in distance learning students because much of the learning is independently done and without direct supervision of the instructor. Learners will not gain the knowledge and skills they wish if they do not adhere to strong ethical standards. Ethical behavior is required for distance education and the benefits of developing a strong sense of ethics, and ethical behavior standards will serve the students in their lives as citizens, their personal lives and their careers.

Cheating, Plagiarizing, and Collaborating

If evidence surfaces indicating online students are suspected of cheating, plagiarizing, or collaborating on exams, assignment papers, discussion posts, quizzes, or any other course activity, ASET reserves the right to require the student’s exam be taken in a proctored environment and the proctoring fees will be the responsibility of the student. After one incidence the student will be on probation and all exams will be closely monitored. A second incidence will result in all exams being taken in a proctored environment at the student's expense, and possible expulsion.

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